Whitecourt Mayor Maryann Chichak is a long term resident of northern Alberta, and has a wealth of experience in the realm of municipal government, business management, and the banking industry. Mayor Chichak also worked in the oil and gas industry for 18 years; 11 of which were spent acting as both owner and manager of an industrial radiography company.

Maryann proudly holds the position as the first woman to be elected Mayor of Whitecourt, a role that she has taken on with great enthusiasm, interest, and heart. In addition to her leadership role on Town Council, Maryann represents the area of Towns West on the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Board of Directors, and is also the Vice President – Towns on the AUMA Executive

“My years in the public service have taught me many things, but I think the most important lesson has been how to accept and work with a wide spectrum of people and personalities,” noted Maryann. “I think the biggest hurdle for many in government can be learning how to build and foster relationship. Negativity or distrust from just one person has the potential to sour others around a table. Learning to move on is another important lesson; as well as remembering to focus on the long term possibilities, as opposed to the short term vision.”

Maryann hopes that by sharing her experiences she will bring positive growth and change to other organizations and communities. Her well rounded background, and growing political experience, makes her a fitting mentor in the peer network.

“If I’m being honest,” added Maryann Chichak., “I’m doing this not only to help others, but to expand my knowledge too. I know that we all have something to learn from each other ; and I’m looking forward to sharing experiences, challenges, and of course accomplishments – with others in the peer network.”

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