Luc began his career in the property assessment field, where he worked in Saskatchewan for two years before moving to Alberta to work at Municipal Affairs, then Lacombe County as their assistant assessor.   In 1994, he joined Woodlands County as their director of assessment and development services before being appointed CAO in 2002.  Luc enjoys the challenge of working in municipal government and has earned both AMAA and CLGM designations.

As the CAO for Woodlands County, Luc has always had a regional perspective and he is a proponent of regional collaboration and partnerships.  He is a great supporter of revenue and cost sharing agreements that have been put in place between Woodlands County and surrounding urban communities, including Barrhead, Mayerthorpe, Fox Creek and Whitecourt.

Luc strives to ensure that his practices include proper communication with co-workers, council, stakeholders, and the general public.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Luc for the past 13 years. In that time, he has proven his loyalty to Woodlands County, his staff and to his Council. Part of that loyalty, and what I would say is his strongest strength, is that he goes the extra mile to communicate with every member of our Council so that we are equally enlightened and have full knowledge of each and every issue," says Jim Rennie, Woodlands County Mayor.

The biggest part of communication is to be able to really listen to what others are saying without adding personal variations to what is being said.  Being a peer mentor is first and foremost about listening and secondly about giving ideas about the process or examples to help others find the solution.

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