Welcome to Alberta’s Peer Network

You’re constantly working to bring diverse groups of people together and get the job done.

The Peer Network for Dispute Resolution is a partnership that has created a group of peer mentors who municipal leaders can contact to obtain advice and assistance to help address local issues.  Partnering organizations include the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (formerly the AAMDC), the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, the Local Government Administration Association, and the Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators Association each have two mentors representing their association. Other partners that help guide the program include Alberta Municipal Affairs, the Society of Local Government Managers, and the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.  

Municipal disputes are a unique blend of issues and personalities. Municipal leaders who have successfully resolved disputes are in the best position to offer advice about the challenges of finding solutions that benefit all involved.

Consider calling one of our peer mentors. These senior leaders can talk to you about your unique situation, suggest alternatives, and give you a hand when you need it.